Political Professionals Rating Victoria-2018

IV International Congress of Political Consultants.
Post-release of the IV-th International Congress of APPC

The Association of Professional Political Consultants from September 1, 2018, begins accepting participants’ profiles for participation in the “Rating of Political Professionals 2018”.

Application forms will last until October 15, 2018.

This year we changed the system of vote counting, increased the number of nominations.

“Political Professionals Rating 2018” will be determined in the following categories:

“Political Scientist”

“Political Technologist”

“Political Consultant”

“Political expert” domestic policy

“Political expert” international politics

“Political expert” economic policy

“Political Media Consultant”

The criteria for the nominations “political expert” have also changed; to participate in this nomination, the nominee needs 7 years of experience in this area. For all other nominations, experience in the direction remains 10 years.

Counting of votes for participants in the nominations “Political Technologist”, “Political Consultant” will be as follows:

The votes cast by politicians of various levels in electronic voting are counted, the number of points received from work experience is summed up to them.

– For experience in campaigns for the election of the President, the Supreme Council at the national level, 5 points are added;

– For experience as a campaign leader, chief of staff, leader of a separate project at the regional level or in the majority district for elections to the Supreme Council, 4 points are added;

-For local elections at the regional level 3 points;

-For city elections 2 points.

For the nominations “Political scientist”, “Political expert”, “Political media technologist”, the votes received from colleagues in the nomination are added to the sum of votes received from electronic voting. The nominee cannot vote for himself.

Link to the participant’s profile https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HeuV2FS8VKSOyNuGixeibGI3A32OcUTgD0K0J4BIjzI/edit

Registration will be held until October 15, 2018, voting will begin on October 15, 2018, the announcement of the voting results, delivery of Certificates and awards will take place on December 11, 2018.