Post-release of the IV-th International Congress of APPC

Political Professionals Rating Victoria-2018
“All politics for people” is one of the slogans of the victory of Imran Khan in the elections in Pakistan.

On May 11-12, 2018, the IV-th International Congress of Political Consultants was held in Kiev.
The event is organized by the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC).
Congress Theme:

“Ukraine pre-election: international experience and technology.”
Traditionally, with a welcoming speech, the Congress was opened by the President of the APPC,
Anna Tenetko.

The top speaker of the event was our special guest from the USA, Mark Cowen, who participated in election campaigns and worked in the administrations of the US Presidents: Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush (Sr. and Jr.), was a member of the Donald Trump transition team.

Mark Cowen noted the high level of preparation for the event and the professionalism of the speakers.

Our foreign experts spoke about the elections in Italy, Slovakia, Finland, and Israel – Ilkka Akhtokivi (Vice President of the European Association, former President and Chairman of the International Association of IAPC), Marco Cacciotto (one of the best political strategists and experts on political strategies in Italy) , Peter Bizon (political consultant to the KDN parliamentary party in Slovakia), Denis Kislov (political scientist, head of Corporate Research and Consulting International Bureau LLC).

An interesting topic about the trends of political technologies in the world, a board member revealed APPC – Igor Tenetko.

With a welcoming speech to the Congress and his colleagues from the APPC, the President addressed RAPK (Russian Association of Political Consultants) Alexei Kurtov, he presented an interesting and informative presentation on the appearance at the presidential election in Russia.
The best political scientists of Ukraine told about the development strategy of Ukraine in 2018-2019 – Vadim Karasev, Mikhail Pogrebinsky, Konstantin Bondarenko and Andrei Ermolaev. “Political landscape and electoral dynamics”, “Prospects for resolving the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine”, “Lack of subjectivity and adequacy of perception of reality”. These hot topics were raised in the discussion panel of political scientists.
Regarding the information, economic and social analysis of the situation in the country, the competent speakers of the Congress presented their opinions to us: Yuri Yekhanurov, Vyacheslav Pikhovshek and Valentina Dovzhenko. Sergey Shtepa spoke on the issue of migration policy.
The second day of Congress was dedicated to the practice of counseling and political technology.

Guests and participants of the Congress remembered a duel between the masters of political consulting, Dmitry Fischenko and Andrey Zolotarev.
No less interesting and informative was the discussion panel – “On Personnel Policy in Ukraine”. Anna Tenetko, Evgeny Anoprienko and Natalya Alyushina spoke on this topic.

For the second time, we organized a separate panel for media professionals. The panel was interesting and informative. On the eve of the election, we learned many interesting nuances about the media support of election campaigns. Anton Podlutsky, Denis Ivanesco and Leonid Shchukin – covered the topic of media content before and after the election campaigns, regional television tools and broadcast news sources.
The important topic of the legal support of the election campaign was touched upon; speakers in this panel were Alexander Kachura, Alexey Kornilov and Oleg Posternak.

Also discussed were electoral reform and the role of election commissions in the campaign. No less relevant was the theme of the interaction of political parties with state bodies in the field of control.

The second day of the Congress, was full of political and technological topics, experts shared some secrets of the profession, proposed new solutions. Vibrant and one of the most talked about, was the topic of elections in the United Territorial Communities (OTG).
Lyudmila Lyubim, Alexander Kondratyuk and Alexander Polishchuk disclosed to the Congress audience the topic of the influence of individuals and parties on the formation of OTG, the specifics of working with candidates, and the features of working with precinct commissions.
The discussion panel “IT-technologies and social networks” was emotional. Andrei Puzikov talked about effective communications in the modern world, messengers, social networks and bots, Vladimir Lozovoy explained why the Cambridge Analytics technology caused a scandal and how to properly work in networks without violating the legislation on the use of personal data, Andrey Kataev spoke about the native campaign advertising.

Congress was held in an open and friendly atmosphere.
We sincerely thank all the participants!
Special thanks to the event partners:
Consulting agencies “Vlada PID Key”, “ProsperRete – International Politconsulting Group”
and “Vector consulting”.