Post-release of the III-rd International Congress of APPC

Terms of participation in the III-rd International Congress of Political Consultants

On April 7-8, 2017, the III-rd International Congress of Political Consultants was held in Kiev. The event was organized by the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC).
The Congress was held under the general theme: “Multivector of Ukraine.”
Traditionally, the Congress was opened with a welcoming speech by Anna Tenetko, President of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC).
Bright speeches and discussions have already become the hallmark of the Congress.
Our foreign experts, speakers of the III-rd Congress, Cristophe le Rigoleur (Senior adviser of French ambassador in Ukraine), Marco Cacciotto (one of the best political strategists in Italy, IAPC board member), talked about the upcoming elections in Germany, France, Italy. Reza Kazemi (leading specialist in the campaigns of the party Angela Merkel (CDU), member of IAPC, EAPC, APPC).
Guests and participants of the Congress remembered a bright open discussion between speakers from Russia and USA, Tom Edmonds and Dmitry Gusev. No less interesting and informative was the discussion panel “Minsk format. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? ”, With Olesya Yakhno, Ruslan Bortnik, Oleg Voloshin.
This is the third time in our Congress that we are listening to the remarkable speaker, vice president of EAPC, honorary member of the APPC – Nechat Ozkan. This time, the topic of the speech was “Turkey’s policy in relations with Europe, Ukraine and Russia.”
The topics of “Information wars at the state and regional levels” were touched upon, speakers in this panel were Irina Milinevskaya-Grishchenko, Natalya Vlasova, Lyudmila Zubritskaya.
The economic panel was also very interesting (Yuri Yekhanurov, Oleksandr Ohrimenko, Dmitry Marunich).
The second day of Congress was devoted to the practice of political technology.
Congressional top speaker Tom Edmonds (USA) made a very informative speech, based on his own many years of experience in forming US election headquarters.
Speaker Nechati Özkan (Turkey), on the second day, shared with brand members the secrets of branding in election campaigns.
The second day was full of political and technological topics, experts shared the secrets of the profession, proposed new solutions. They did not address the topic of professionalism in Ukraine, the Association sent letters to the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Social Policy with a proposal to introduce new professions: “political consultant”, “political consultant”, “political expert” in the “Classification of professions” of Ukraine.
APPC members Evgeny Anoprienko and Anatoly Moroz offered the market new programs to support campaigns and work with large amounts of data. They also discussed psychological aspects during the development of strategies (Sergey Kireev), training of candidates and staff workers (Yulia Kovalevskaya), formation of a team of candidates (Larisa Zavodinskaya).
APPC President Anna Tenetko suggested introducing “Sale of souvenir products” into the market as a mechanism for politically securing the voter to the candidate, but only if the level of product quality and “creative” performance are increased.
Congress was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to all participants in the Congress!
Special thanks to the partners of the Congress: Consulting agencies “Vlada Pid Key”, PROSPER-rete -Political Consulting, VIP-Consulting, Vector consulting, group of security campaigns “Guarantor Groups”.