Honor Code of the Member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants

1. In my work with electorate, I will not use technologies that are based on racism, sexism, religion, intolerance or any other illegal form of discrimination, and I will condemn those who use this kind of technology.

2. I will not engage in any activity that could harm the reputation of APPC, each of its members individually or the profession of political consultant.

3. I will respect my APPC colleagues and clients, and will never deliberately discredit their professional and personal reputation.

4. I will respect the trust of my colleagues and not disclose confidential information received at the APPC.

5. I will not disseminate information that could harm APPC colleague, clients and their family members.

6. I will work with my competitors in the legislative field.

7. In working with media, I will maximize the dissemination of positive information about APPC and its members.

8. In my work, I will help improve the image of the profession of political consultant and, if possible, contribute in every possible way to its improvement for my APPC colleagues.

9. I will not take part in events that could damage the reputation of a political consultant, and I will inform APPC board about my participation in professional events at the international and national level regarding the profession of political consultant.

10. In the process of my work, I will not harm APPC colleagues if they works with competing clients.