Post-release of the III-rd International Congress of APPC
Questionnaire of a participant in the rating of political professions

On the initiative of the Association of Professional Political Consultants, it is announced that the Rating will be held among political scientists, political experts, political consultants. The peculiarity of this year’s rating will be that such studies have not been conducted in Ukraine since 2012. The top 400 respondents will be identified.


  • Presidents of Ukraine;
  • Prime Ministers of Ukraine;
  • People’s Deputies;
  • Heads of regional state administrations and regional councils;
  • Heads of the main news agencies of Ukraine;
  • Heads of the central TV channels of Ukraine;
  • Political parties (who participated in the 2015 elections)


– Political scientist:

  • Work experience – from 10 years;
  • Completed higher profile education;
  • Degree (if any).
  • Work with political parties and regional and state level politicians.


– Political consultant:

  • Work experience – from 10 years;
  • Experience with political parties, politicians;
  • Provision of consultations from the oblast level.


– Political expert:

  • Work experience – from 10 years;
  • Specification of the area of ​​expertise.
  • Experience working with political parties and state-level politicians.


– Political technologist:

  • Work experience – from 10 years;
  • Running from 5 campaigns;
  • Campaign as a project manager (not below the city level);
  • Specification of specialization;
  • Individuals participate.


WARNING! Participation is possible only in one category (political scientist, political technologist, political consultant and political expert);

Time limits:

– Submission of applications from September 15 to October 15;

– October, 25 – summary and announcement of rating participants in the general list;

– Consideration of questionnaires by respondents – from November, 1 to November,15;

– December,11 – announcement of the results at the awarding of the VICTORIA 2017 Award

The Association of Professional Political Consultants will endeavor to make this rating annual. Participation in the rating is voluntary, free of charge, only on personal submission of the questionnaire and accompanying information.

The Association provides technical support to the project and is not responsible for the results of the respondents’ answers.

Respondents will also be asked the question about anti-rating, the names of the respondents are entered in the questionnaire personally and at will.

The results of the respondents’ replies remain anonymous and are not disclosed.

On September 15, 2017, sample forms and a list of additional information to participate in the rating will be posted on the Association’s website, and in profile groups and pages on Facebook.