About APPC

Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) is a public organization that was created with the aim of bringing together political consultants from around the world, introducing standards of transparency and accountability of specialists in the field of electoral technologies, improving their professional level, and also with the aim of promoting democratic election.

Any representative of the political profession, regardless of age, gender, religion and political views, who has worked in the field of political consulting, can become a member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants.

Has a minimum of 5 leadership campaign experience.
Has recommendations from two APPC members at least.
Regularly pays membership dues. Membership fees are transferred to the account of the Association.

Since 2018, APPC opens membership for young professionals in the field of political professions (or those wishing to become specialists). Such members of the APPC are called – interns. The intern is a member of the APPC, fully participates in the activities of the Association, attends special trainings for interns that are conducted by our colleagues, has all the rights of APPC members, except for voting.