Code of Honor of Association of Professional Political Consultants

As a member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (further APPC), I undertake to adhere to certain rules of conduct, therefore I undertake to adhere to the following Code of Honor:

In my work with electorate, I will not use technologies that are based on racism, sexism, religion, intolerance or any other illegal form of discrimination, and I will condemn those who use this kind of technology.

I will not engage in any activity that could harm the reputation of APPC, each of its members individually or the profession of political consultant.

I will respect my APPC colleagues and clients, and will never deliberately discredit their professional and personal reputation.

I will respect the trust of my colleagues and not disclose confidential information received at the APPC.

I will not disseminate information that could harm APPC colleague, clients and their family members.

I will work with my competitors in the legislative field.

In working with media, I will maximize the dissemination of positive information about APPC and its members.

In my work, I will help improve the image of the profession of political consultant and, if possible, contribute in every possible way to its improvement for my APPC colleagues.

I will not take part in events that could damage the reputation of a political consultant, and I will inform APPC board about my participation in professional events at the international and national level regarding the profession of political consultant.

In the process of my work, I will not harm APPC colleagues if they works with competing clients.

About Association:

The Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) is a public organization that was created with the aim of bringing together political consulting experts from around the world, introducing standards of transparency and accountability of specialists in the field of electoral technologies, improving their professional level, and also with the aim of facilitating the holding of democratic elections.

Charter of the Association of Professional Political Consultants

Charter of the Association of Professional Political Consultants

Kyiv city – 2018

    • PUBLIC ORGANIZATION “ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL POLITICAL CONSULTANTS” (hereinafter referred to as – the Association) is a public organization founded on the basis of the unity of the interests of the members of the Association to meet their legal rights and freedoms.
    • The Association is guided in its activity by the Constitution, the current legislation of Ukraine and this Charter.
    • Main principles of the activity of Association are:
  • rule of law;
  • priority of public interests;
  • independence;
  • high level of professionalism;


    • ГРОМАДСЬКА ОРГАНІЗАЦІЯ «АСОЦІАЦІЯ ПРОФЕСІЙНИХ ПОЛІТИЧНИХ КОНСУЛЬТАНТІВ» (надалі – Асоціація) є громадською організацією, яка створена на основі єдності інтересів членів Асоціації для задоволення своїх законних прав і свобод.
    • У своїй діяльності Асоціація керується Конституцією, чинним законодавством України та цим Статутом.
    • Основними принципами діяльності Асоціації є:
  • верховенство права;
  • пріоритет суспільних інтересів;
  • незалежність;
  • високий рівень професіоналізму;