Interview with the President of the APPC, Anna Tenetko

Post release of the annual Victoria Award from the Association of Professional Political Consultants
APPC holds III-rd International Congress of Political Consultants

Today we are talking with Anna Tenetko, President of the Association of Professional Political Consultants. The topic of conversation will be the Association itself and political trends in Ukraine and in the world as a whole.


– Anna, please tell us a little about the Association? What it is? Why is it created? What are the goals?

– The Association of Professional Political Consultants is a public organization, created by the type of similar organizations in Europe and the world. The Association brings together in its ranks specialists in the field of political technologies, as well as representatives of related professions, sociologists, lawyers, image makers, analysts

We bring together those who want to share experiences, who want to be constantly up to date, receive fresh information from colleagues. We constantly cooperate with world associations. Today, the Association already has representatives from seven countries of the world.

We do not say that we are the coolest or the best. Highly qualified specialists are not only with us. We are just those who have united and become a team. We are friends, cooperate and help each other. In the current difficult time, this approach makes life and work a little easier. If colleagues need the help of one of the specialists, then he can always turn to the Association and get advice, find employees in his campaign, find sociologists who correctly conduct a sociological study or political psychologists. We have a very wide range of specialists.

Our award “Victoria, which ARRS established in 2015, we celebrate those members of the Association who have successfully campaigned or excelled in their field of professional activity. This year, in addition to members of our Association, it was impossible not to mention our American counterpart – Paul Manafort, who is truly recognized throughout the world. His election campaign is recognized as the best campaign of the year. And we were not isolated in our assessments.

We are always ready to consider the entry of new members. We invite everyone to us, but the only condition of the Association is experience. That is, we do not take people from the street who just wanted to. A person must be a leader in the election campaign at least five times. After about the fifth campaign, professionalism begins. A person without experience can read a million times necessary in books, but more important is the person’s ability and ability to anticipate difficult situations during campaigns and know how to get out of them. This is gained only by experience. The book is good, but as practice shows, experience is much better.

– What is the approximate size of the Association? And who is in your organization?

On the Association’s website you can see who our member is, although, of course, not everyone wanted to be represented on the website. As for the number, it is about forty-five people. We have such a semi-closed club where we always let people in and let out just as freely. But we do not set ourselves the task of increasing the number of members of the ARRS and accepting everyone.

– Today, at a rather difficult time, what difficulties does the Association face?

– We, personally, do not face difficulties. Again, a person working in our environment sees a different picture than it is presented to the media. It is enough for him to read the news headlines and he understands who is the customer of this or that material. Accordingly, we forecast differently, based on experience and other sources, and look at what is happening with a little different eyes. One of such forecasts for Ukraine is definitely an election.


– The election of parliament? The president?

– Parliamentary elections are already in the air. The likelihood of presidential elections has also increased significantly. It is possible that there will be two campaigns at once.

And the local elections – many forgot about them, they should be in 2017. Everyone somehow hit the parliamentary and presidential elections and completely forgot that by the end of 2017 there should also be local ones. Because in 2015, we chose local councils for only two years. As you can see, the next year should be very busy.

The only thing is the date of January 20, 2017, let’s wait for it for further forecasts, because it is January 20 that can change the picture very much around the world.

Today’s leadership of our country, due to a certain bias, sometimes does not maintain neutrality towards specific, friendly or partner countries. The result of which is the situation in relations between Ukraine and Israel. Because our politicians do not weigh and do not predict further steps.

In fact, the leadership of Ukraine lives one day. Today it’s good, and tomorrow we’ll see how we get out of here. In Ukraine, under the authorities there are no good “forecasters” who could explain to politicians “what, how and with whom” to do. In fact, I can say that our leaders do not have good political consultants and technologists. I know that about fifty political technologists work in the Poroshenko’s clip, but the effect of this.